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​Hague HydroClean HC3 Features:


  • Dual-Mode Electronic Controller
  • Capacity Guard™ Resin Bed Protection
  • Low 12 VAC Voltage
  • Power Outage Protection
  • Built-in Bypass Valve
  • Whisper Quiet Valve Body
  • Easy to Operate
  • Uses counter-current regeneration for more thorough and effective resin cleaning than traditional water softeners.

Efficient Water Softener: HydroClean

Hague HydroClean HC3 Advantages:


  • Removes impurities for improved taste and odor
  • Eliminates hard water stains and deposits on fixtures
  • Prevents soap scum residue
  • Soft water means cleaner, brighter laundry
  • Stops hard water damage to pipes and appliances
  • Saves money by using less soap